UX Design

UX Case – La Salle, Ramón Llull University
Responsive Design

Usability evaluation
We will prioritize the most important problems encountered through the heuristic evaluation and the guerrilla test.

Your Europe manages a high volume of information. The website has a multitude of languages, bring to the user the convenience to read in the language that makes feel most near for, having this way an inclusive space for different nationalities, nevertheless this situation produce various problems and inconsistencies.

Also, it is supported by an extensive variety of external websites, from the European Union and out.

These actions cause problems of categorization of the different links, visual and graphics, and some inconsistencies…

However, the organization about the information it’s a good result in general, through the guerrilla test with the user’s participation, they have been able to do all the tasks satisfactorily.

We found as strengths of Your Europe that the AI at first ii’s good result.

The navigation although the users arrive to find the information, we saw that they don’t know where they are at all moment.

The information that the website offers to the users is contrasted with relevant information and links to the official sites of the European Union.

And try to get the result on the site with all the links to connect to official institutions in case it’s necessary.

Also, the searcher looks big to be localized and easy to be used, the site has much information, and doesn’t have good enough results about the content and no filters either, so the user can feel overwhelmed in this situation.

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